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Market Assessments

A market assessment is a rapid snapshot of which goods and services are available, and an idea of how satisfied consumers are with those goods and services offered in markets. Forcier conducts market assessments at the grassroots level, as well as in-depth market research and labor studies for private sector clients in major market locations.

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Example of Past Projects

  • American Refugee Committee/UNHCR, Labor Market Study in High Growth Sectors, 2016, Somalia

  • Oxfam, Market Analysis in Sofala Province, 2016, Mozambique

  • CARE, Market Assessment and Value Chain Analysis, 2017, South Sudan

  • IOM, Market Survey for the Socio-Economic Reintegration of At-Risk Youth and Ex-Combatants, 2016, Somalia

  • World Bank, Market Assessment, Skills Gap Study, and Youth Needs Assessment, 2014, South Sudan

  • Concern WorldwideMarket Mapping and Analysis in Zambezia and Manica Provinces, 2016, Mozambique

  • ILO, Opportunity Mapping in Mogadishu, 2013, Somalia

  • PWC, Survey with Small and Medium Companies, 2017, DRC

Project Evaluations

Forcier provides baseline, midterm, and end-line assessments for INGOs as well as governmental agencies, in both urban and rural settings across our countries of operation. This includes evaluations with a focus on livelihoods and food security, agriculture, water, sanitation, and hygiene, health, gender based violence, education, and media, amongst other sectors. 

  • Oxfam, Community WASH & Protection Endline Evaluation, 2016, DRC

  • UNFPA, Evaluation of Mozambique's National Sexual & Reproductive Health Programme (MoBIZ), 2017, Mozambique

  • Save the Children, Endline Evaluation for the Integrated Shelter, WASH, and Child Protection Program, 2016, Lebanon

  • ICEP, Evaluation of the SWEAR Program, 2017, Uganda and Kenya

Example of Past Projects

  • Plan International, Endline Evaluation of the Girl's Education Challenge (GEC) Project, 2016, Sierra Leone

  • Cherie Blair Foundation, External Evaluation of the "Advancing Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs" Project, 2017, Palestine

  • Mercy Corps, Measuring the Effectiveness of WASH Committees in Darfur Camps, 2017, Sudan

Media & Audience Research

Media & audience research provides invaluable insight into reach & recency metrics, audience profiling, listening/viewing habits and preferences, and information needs assessments for static and vulnerable populations. Forcier Consulting is a member of the Conference of International Broadcasters' and Audience Research (CIBAR) and is active in helping to shape industry standards for audience research. In addition, Forcier partnered with Internews on the five-year USAID-funded iSTREAM project, which sought to strengthen a free and independent media in South Sudan.

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Example of Past Projects

  • Population Media Center, Elembo Project Radio Study, 2017DRC

  • USIP, "Sawa Shabab" Season 3 Impact Study, 2017, South Sudan

  • UNESCO, Evaluation of the Implementation of a Somalia Media Support Group Strategy, 2016, Somalia

  • Internews, South Sudan National Audience Survey, 2013, South Sudan

  • Gallup Inc., Somalia Media Attitudes and Usage Survey, 2014, Somalia

  • Population Media Center, Evaluation of the "Pambazuko" Radio Program, 2017, DRC

  • JICA, Institutional Capacity Development of Radio & TV, 2013, South Sudan

  • Breakthrough Media, Suuqa Year Two Media Evaluation, 2017, Somalia

Needs Assessments

A needs assessment takes place before program implementation and design, and looks at the community in which an agency is situated to help organizations understand the interests, attributes, and needs of different populations and people in the community. Forcier's staff of local researchers allows for in-depth assessments in challenging locations, without the need for translators.

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Example of Past Projects

  • Handicap International, Study on the Conditions of Pregnant Women and Mothers with Disabilities in Health Centers, 2017, DRC

  • Finn Church Aid, Needs Assessment in Awerial County, 2016, South Sudan

  • Norwegian Refugee Council, Programmatic Needs Assessment, 2016, Somalia

  • IOM, Migrant Health Assessment, 2013, South Sudan

  • Concordis International, Water Research and Market Assessment, 2015, South Sudan

  • UNICEF, Survey on Basic Social Service Needs, 2017, Somalia

  • World Vision, Education in Emergencies Needs Assessment, 2014, South Sudan

  • Oxfam Intermon, Water Quality, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Assessment, 2013, South Sudan

Opinion Polling

While typical research assessments may focus on various factors and indicators, opinion polling focuses exclusively on the views of the people. Forcier Consulting conducts opinion polling to gauge popular perceptions in our areas of operation using local researchers and enumerators. As well, Forcier Consulting is the partner of Gallup Inc. in the implementation of the Gallup World Poll in Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Lesotho, and Sierra Leone (2019).

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Example of Past Projects

  • Gallup, Gallup World Poll, 2015 - Present, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Zambia, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Angola

  • International Republic Institute, Public Opinion Survey, 2014, South Sudan

  • Farsight Africa, Opinion Survey for Radio in a Box Program, 2017, Somalia

  • UNICEF, Youth Voices Situational Analysis, 2015, South Sudan

  • Internews, Rapid Response Poll on Media Consumption and Access to Information, 2014, South Sudan

  • UNICEF, Survey on Basic Social Service Needs and Public Perceptions Towards UNICEF, 2017, Somalia

Third Party Monitoring

Example of Past Projects

Third party monitoring and verification allows organizations to increase quality assurance of programming and meet standards set by donors, as well as providing beneficiary feedback mechanisms to improve accountability to communities. Forcier provides these services in a variety of formats including on-going monitoring and periodic data collection.

Third Party Monitoring
  • UNICEF Sudan, Third Party Monitoring Services, 2017, Sudan

  • UNICEF South Sudan, Third Party Monitoring Services, 2017, South Sudan

  • UNICEF Somalia, Third Party Monitoring Services, 2017, Somalia

  • World Food Programme Sudan, Third Party Monitoring Services, 2017, Sudan

  • World Food Programme South Sudan, Third Party Monitoring Services, 2017, South Sudan

  • FAO/Transtec, Third Party Monitoring for Cash Transfer Verification Services, 2017, Somalia

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Netherlands), Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation Agent for the Civil Society Fund, 2017, South Sudan

  • IMC, Monitoring & Evaluation Services for BRACE II, 2017, South Sudan

  • SomRep, Somalia Resilience Program Third Party Monitoring, 2017, Somalia

Bespoke Services

Forcier Consulting offers custom tailored research services in the areas of full-service research, research design, methodological design, data collection, research training, and analysis. Forcier's diverse and qualified technical team can enhance your organization's capacity to succeed through custom research and analysis.

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Example of Past Projects

  • World Bank, South Sudan Indigenous Peoples Study, 2015, South Sudan

  • UNDPSomalia Community Security Index, 2014

  • SaferWorldSTATA Quantitative Support, 2016, Somalia

  • TANGOEVELYN Fieldwork Support, 2017, DRC

  • Handicap International, Disability Training Manual, 2012, South Sudan

  • Clingendael InstitutePolitical Economy Analysis of the Private Sector, 2016, Somalia

  • PAX for Peace, Training on Kobo Toolbox, 2016, South Sudan

  • Economic Research Forum, Labor Survey Data Collection Support Services, 2017, Jordan

Photo by Wajahat Mahmood

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