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Our Work

Forcier USA provides support for all Forcier offices across the world, and also acts as a prime contractor for various government agency, multi-lateral institution, and multi-country/year procurements. In 2016, Forcier won its first prime contract with USAID. Staff from Forcier USA currently work from Fort Myers, Florida, and Washington D.C.

Forcier Facts

Our team of US-based PhDs and Research Methodologists assist in complex sampling, analysis, and report-writing, and oversee the quality of Forcier's deliverables worldwide.

Analytics & Methods Support
Contracts & Compliance
Business Development
Survey Scripting

Forcier's Contracts & Compliance department ensures all our work is compliant with OFAC, FCPA, and FAR regulations, including acting within all USAID and DfID guidelines.

Our survey scripting department allows Forcier to program all of our surveys in-house, in a variety of languages and with multiple data collection platforms. 

Our Business Development unit operates in each of our offices, working alongside our research staff to develop contextually appropriate and responsive programs.

Forcier's finance department supports the financial actions of each country office, ensuring financial clarity from a global level, and banking that can be accomplished from the US.

Forcier's human resources department is constantly recruiting new research staff, as well as external consultants - preparing us for new initiatives all over the world.

Human Resources
Our Team

Dedicated Compliance

Our Contracts & Compliance team are well-versed in the legalities of our operating environments, including regulations for DfID, USAID, and the EU.

PhD Methodologists

Forcier's methodologists are fluent in complex data analysis, quasi-experimental survey design, and rigorous quality assurance - and support our offices across the globe.

U.S. Based Finance

Our central finance teams are based in Fort Myers, Florida, and support our regionally based finance teams with global oversight and US financial standards.

Robin Lears.jpg

Forcier has given me the opportunity to expand my skills and experience to a global level, giving me endless opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. The people I work with are passionate about their contributions and innovative with their approaches to problem solving.

Robin Lears, Director of Human Resources & Administration

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