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About Us

Our Mission

Forcier Consulting was founded in response to the overwhelming demand for data, research and information in some of the most challenging environments in Africa. While we aim to produce reliable and high-quality research in these complex settings, we also make long-term investments in building the capacity of national staff to serve as researchers and consultants. Through this approach, not only do we ensure that today's decision-makers are able to create evidence-based policies and programs,  but we also establish a research legacy and sustainable technical services industry within each country we work in.

Forcier is a woman owned company that started in South Sudan in 2011. In 2013, we accomplished the first ever nationally representative survey in South Sudan using smartphone technology, which set the standard for our data collection moving forward. Leveraging our experience in fragile environments in Africa, we expanded into Sudan in 2013 to provide the same kind of localized research capacities. We now maintain full-time offices and representative staff in Juba, Kinshasa, and Maputo, as well as a global team of research specialists. In the past thirteen years, Forcier has grown to a staff of more than 25 individuals, dedicated to offering high-quality research in the most logistically challenging environments. Forcier's world-wide staff has accomplished more than 823 research projects to date across 49 countries worldwide, with plans to reach even more. Our investments in innovative technologies, and most importantly in people, allow for unparalleled access and research in the hardest to reach places.

Our Story

Forcier's proven approach is founded on the interplay between capacity building of our staff, and adherence to stringent quality assurance procedures. Our full-time national research staff do not operate on a project basis, but rather learn and and grow from each experience in the field, as permanent members of our country teams. Our researchers are trained to implement a variety of on-site, real time quality checks, while our in-country project management staff employ a second level of near real-time checks utilizing our remote data analysis capabilities.

As a local entity in Mozambique, South Sudan and DRC, Forcier has the unique capability to provide this level of continuous support, oversight, and mentorship to our researchers before, during and after fieldwork. As such, each research project is an opportunity to continue to build our staff, so as to improve performance over time and to raise the overall standard of our data quality. In general, Forcier accomplishes this in three innovative ways.

Our Approach

Forcier provides real time (daily) quality reviews for all incoming field data.

Next, we leverage real time data to spot and fix data while field teams are still on location.

Finally, Forcier uses field mistakes to improve understanding and performance.

Our Technology

Forcier is able to achieve this real-time flow of information and communication through our innovative digital data collection technologies. We have utilized smartphone data collection for more than 500 projects to date - and our stock of 500+ smartphones and tablets allow us to ensure data quality in some of the most difficult areas for research in the world.

Want to learn more about Forcier's unique approach to research? Contact us at one of our country offices to speak with a team member.

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