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Central & West Africa

Forcier Facts

Forcier first began conducting research in the DRC in 2014, and have since expanded its operations across Central & West Africa. We have exclusively used mobile data collection in our research projects since 2014, ensuring the highest focus on quality assurance, the ability to easily conduct surveys in multiple languages, and value for money. Our team of experienced researchers analysts, and project officers is located in Kinshasa, and able to travel throughout the region with a variety of linguistic capabilities and ethnic backgrounds.


While Forcier currently operates out of the DRC for work in West Africa, we are in the process of establishing a West Africa regional office in 2020. Our work in both regions covers a variety of sectors, and our more-than 60 regional projects reflects this diverse thematic knowledge. From qualitative gender studies, to province-representative household surveys, Forcier has pushed the boundaries of what is possible for research in the Central & West Africa.  

Established in 2o14

DRC-registered firm

60 completed projects regionally

French & English capabilities

Conducted first menstrual hygiene study in the DRC

Recent Sectors
Regional Reach
CAF_WAF Regional Graphic.png

Forcier's Central & West Africa Unit has its main research office in Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of Congo. This office serves as a regional hub, housing our full-time staff and ensuring rapid access to neighboring countries in the region. Forcier intends to start our West Africa office in 2020.

Regional Office

Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of Congo

Countries Worked In

Countries with Networks & Access

DRC, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Nigeria

Chad, Central Africa Republic, Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Guinea-Conakry, Benin, Togo, Mauritania, Liberia, Ghana, Guinea-Bisseau

Sample Projects

Forcier's Central & West Africa Unit has completed more than 60 regional projects since 2014, including in all provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Below are a few examples of recent projects - please contact us to learn about even more!

Research w/ Vulnerable Populations

  • Catholic Relief Services, Study on the Menstrual Hygiene Management Context, Barriers and Market, 2016, DRC

  • Humanity & Inclusion, Study on Conditions of Care of Pregnant Women and Mothers with Disabilities in Health Centers, 2016, DRC

  • UNICEF, Mapping Actors in the Field of Disability and Analyzing their Capacities in the DRC, 2018, DRC

  • Dalan Consultants, Independent Evaluation of the Government of Sierra Leone's 6-9 Month Early Recovery Priorities, 2016, Sierra Leone

Democracy & Governance Research

  • International Organization for Migration (IOM), Evaluation of the SSR Reform of National Police in Mbuji-Mayi and Lubumbashi, 2016, DRC

  • Caritas Española, Evaluation of the “Monitoring of the Protection and Community Mediation in Remote Communities” Project, 2015, DRC

  • PwC, Evaluation of the “Monitoring of the Protection and Community Mediation in Remote Communities in South Kivu” Project, 2018, DRC

  • Search for Common Ground, Promoting the Role of Young Women and Girls in Peace-Building and Education in Equateur Province Impact Study, 2016, DRC

Large-Scale Data Collection

  • USAID/NORC, Data Collection Services for USAID/DRC's Integrated Governance Activity (IGA) 2017 - 2020, DRC

  • USAID/ICF International, Baseline Study of Food for Peace (FfP) Food Assistance Projects in the DRC, 2017 - 2020, DRC

  • USAID/NORC, Impact Evaluations of USAID/DRC Countering Gender-Based Violence (C-GBV) Program, 2017 - 2020, DRC

  • Gallup Inc., Nationally Representative Gallup World Poll, 2015 - 2019, Sierra Leone

Multi-Country Studies

  • Dexis Consulting, Community Impact Assessments of TSCTP/PREACT II Project Locations, 2019, Mali, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Djibouti

  • Search for Common Ground, Evaluation of a Social Reintegration Program in the Sahel-Maghreb Region, 2018, Mali, Niger, Morocco

  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Baseline Assessment of the State of Media in Great Lakes Region, 2018, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda

  • Humanity & InclusionFinal Evaluation of a Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Program, 2017, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Laos, Vietnam

Our Team

Relationship Managers

With the most country responsibilities, our Central & West Africa unit staff have developed and maintain extensive networks of research staff and vendors across both regions.


We have maintained a permanent office in Kinshasa since 2015, and our Congolese & international staff routinely work both across the DRC, as well as Central & West Africa.

Bi-Lingual Capabilities

All of our international staff are able to conduct interviews, script tools, and produce reports in French & English, and our researchers speak numerous regional languages in addition.


Getting to work on a wide range of topics and projects is very enriching! Every day has its new challenges which need to be answered, and I keep growing professionally and personally. Applying the most advanced research tools to ensure the highest quality of data is at the heart of my work. Throughout my experience at Forcier, I feel I contribute to the development of research and data information in challenging areas, where people are most in need.

Arnaud Galinie, Director of Research

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