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From audience research in South Sudanese protection of civilian camps, to opportunity mapping in Mogadishu, we have completed projects for governments, development agencies, and private sector clients alike. While Forcier's more than 700 projects have covered a wide variety of thematic areas, we have chosen a few common sectors of experience below. 

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Forcier has conducted numerous education assessments across the world. Our on-the-ground capacity has allowed us to effectively locate, track, and survey targeted school children, their teachers, and their households in some of the most remote and insecure areas. 


The vast majority of Forcier’s work takes place in conflict-affected states in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Northern Africa - where improving stability and governance is a priority for growth. 


Forcier has worked with youth, women, and men, globally to provide partners with up to date data on potential opportunities within agriculture markets, job creation, and vocational education. Economic empowerment begins with gathering foundational data to inform policy. 

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Food security is essential to growth at both the individual and national level. Our work within this sector has ranged from drought resilience to farmer fielding techniques, and large scale anthropometric measuring.

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Forcier has operated within the sector of WASH since its inception, providing project evaluations including water quality testing to assessing sanitation practices in schools.

Photo by Andrew Watson

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