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Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Our Offices: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan


Forcier was founded in South Sudan in 2011 in response to the overwhelming demand for

data, research and information in some of the most challenging environments in Africa. From dusty, riverside tents by the Nile to an office of 50 staff in Juba, Forcier has grown alongside the world's newest nation. Today, Forcier has 200 staff across offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Mozambique, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan, and more than 550 projects completed in 32 countries. While Forcier’s aim is to produce reliable and high-quality research in these complex settings, we also make long-term investments in building the capacity of national staff to serve as researchers and consultants. Through this approach, not only do we ensure that today's decision-makers are able to create evidence-based policies and programs, but we also establish a research legacy and sustainable technical services industry within each country we work.


One would think that operating in challenging contexts would be no place for innovation. However, these limitations have been the driving force pushing Forcier towards the exploration of innovative technology for data collection in the field. For Forcier, being at the forefront of innovative research methods is of utmost importance to our methodologists and firm.

A rapid increase in the availability of mobile phones - in even the most remote areas of the world - has led to a revolution in the way data is collected in development.

Moving away from traditional data collection methods such as pen and paper surveys, has allowed Forcier to increase quality control and efficiency, while providing clients with the methodological rigor required to support evidence-based recommendations and informed conclusions needed for real change. As such, Forcier conducts all of its quantitative data capture initiatives across Africa and the Middle East using mobile data collection technology. Forcier has found that using CAPI technology to collect data allows for more underrepresented populations to be integrated into surveys, based on the increase in volume of data that can be collected, combined, compared, and analyzed via CAPI. In addition, using CAPI has improved sample bias, poor data quality, and the financial constraints when conducting large scale research.

Forcier provides its clients with equipped smartphones and tablets for data collection that our Researchers have specifically been trained to use, which allows data to be captured in an efficient form to enable timely processing, cleaning, and analysis. Fieldwork conducted via CAPI allows for the collection of real-time data on participant experiences, behaviors and attitudes, meaning that quality control functionalities and analysis can be conducted while the fieldwork is ongoing, and if necessary corrections can be made to the scripted questionnaire to improve interventions and outcomes. For data collection, Forcier has employed a variety of mobile data collection platforms for our clients, Forcier’s core staff is highly skilled in utilizing software that includes Magpi, Survey CTO, ECHO, Snap, Kobo, Askia, ODK, and Ona. These software platforms can support multi-language surveys allowing it to be customized to the needs of diverse audiences and environments, as well as easy to understand for enumerators. In addition, training enumerators in CAPI technology also provides local individuals with a needed set of job skills that can help ensure hire in the future. Creating a level of sustainability and growth within the countries we operate in.

Behind every change is a driving force. Within M&E, the boom in technology provided room for new tools, however it is dedication to innovation that will continue to drive this change forward, and for Forcier, innovation has been our preference since inception.

A Forcier Researcher interviews women with their children using CAPI technology in Somalia


Forcier Consulting Group


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Jun 14, 2018

It is always good to work with you guys.

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