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Promoting the Economic Growth of our Youth

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Mogadishu, Somalia

The International Labour Organization shows that 13.6 percent of youth, or more than 71 million youth, are unemployed worldwide, with a majority of this population coming from developing nations. Africa, is ripe for economic possibilities and growth - however a level of economic stagnation and lack of job opportunities has plagued today’s population of youth.

Forcier has worked closely with some of the top policy-influencers and organizations working to create economic growth, such as the International Labour Organization, UNESCO, Save the Children and the World Bank. Throughout these projects, Forcier has been able to provide targeted information on economic opportunities to institutions like the above, governments, and private sector companies. Programmes and policies that work to increase the youth employment rate work directly throughout Africa to develop initiatives which support income-generating activities for young people. This can include equipping youth with the necessary skills needed for available jobs, vocational training, life skills, and youth empowerment. It also can include increasing job opportunities by working with the private sector, and creating apprenticeships and training programmes which can directly supply labour to companies.

Working with the Facts

With robust monitoring and evaluation, organizations can provide a link between the private sector and youth in search of employment. Through data collected in the field, research can provide insightful statistics and analysis on the current economic situation in varying contexts. Most importantly, this can give governments, NGOs, and youth an understanding of the jobs available, and the skills necessary to successfully gain employment within the sector. Along these lines, Forcier recently worked with Concern Worldwide in Mogadishu, Somalia to provide a market analysis of skills for youth. Forcier conducted a review of marketable skills, identifying the necessary training needed for youth to gain marketable skills and eventual employment. Forcier also identified new areas of opportunities that vocational skills and business skills training could benefit Somali youth, building partnerships between private sector and job seeking youth.

Forcier researchers completed a quantitative consumer demand survey, market opportunity survey, and youth skills survey in Mogadishu to gather quantitative statistics, as well as key informant interviews and focus group discussions were also conducted with local government officials, partner organizations, project consortium members, and other organizations involved in youth employment programing in the area. With high unemployment rates for youth, it is important to focus on investing in the future through creating a prosperous space for youth to contribute to. For more information on Forcier’s work in Mogadishu with Concern Worldwide read our published report here.


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