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Approximately half of the population of South Sudan live below the national poverty line, and the current conflict is further affecting the country’s already poor human development context. Children and youth are particularly vulnerable. With an estimated sixty percent of South Sudan’s population under the age of 24, the country’s youngest generation is confronted with a number of key development concerns. In particular, education is a major challenge for South Sudanese youth, and is particularly limited in pastoralist contexts due to time spent on pastoral and agricultural activities.

Youth Voices- Situational Analysis in South Sudan

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

July 2015 - October 2015

What Forcier Did:

Forcier conducted a situational analysis in Juba, Bor South, Budi and Kapoeta South Counties of South Sudan, measuring opinions, perspectives, attitudes and practices of South Sudanese youth on a wide range of contemporary issues. Some of these topics included education, skills & livelihoods, food security & nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene, health and child protection. The analysis reflected the realities of South Sudanese youth in different contexts, and captured the perspectives of youth residing in urban, peri-urban and rural regions, youth working in pastoral and agricultural economies, and youth located in conflict-affected areas.

Population Interviewed:

A mixed methods approach of both quantitative and qualitative tools was used. A total of 1,258 quantitative surveys were administered to children and adolescents between 10 and 24 years of age. For the qualitative component, 16 Focus Group Discussions were held with males and females between the ages of 10 to 24. In order to enhance participation, the focus groups were held with participants of the same gender and age group whenever possible, grouped by ages 10 to 16 or 17 to 24.

Methodological Summary


Quantitative surveys conducted in total


Focus Group Discussions with youth 


Age of youth interviewed


Counties of South Sudan targeted

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